Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Markert
Chairman proRWTH e. V.
General Mechanics | Institute Director
Rector’s delegate for alumni

Image: © Martin Braun

100 % win-win!

It is precisely the lively exchange between alumni, students, scientists and companies that makes RWTH Aachen University so vital for me. As an active professor in research and teaching and the rectorate’s representative for alumni, I really support this coalition.

This diverse network is also noticeable in our friendship association proRWTH e.V.. Our members from science, business, students, alumni as well as society and politics – we all together offer comprehensive support for RWTH Aachen University. Please help us to increase our scope, to expand our perspectives and shape with us the funding landscape by becoming a member.

You, as a part of our circle of friends, help us to actively design the future and set the course – as an important act of solidarity and a deep relationship to our University as a student, alumni, teacher or scientist, entrepreneur or simply out of interest. Let us all together follow the motto “Help. Support. Networking. – 100pro win-win!”